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Tallinn Traditional Old Town Christmas Market

Tallinn christmas market, Tallinn christmas markets, Tallinn xmas market, Tallinn xmas markets
Tallinn christmas market, Tallinn christmas markets, Tallinn xmas market, Tallinn xmas markets
Tallinn christmas market, Tallinn christmas markets, Tallinn xmas market, Tallinn xmas markets
Tallinn christmas market, Tallinn christmas markets, Tallinn xmas market, Tallinn xmas markets

22 Nov 14 to 08 Jan 15

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Opening Times
Mon10am - 7pm
Tue10am - 7pm
Wed10am - 7pm
Thu10am - 7pm
Fri10am - 7pm
Sat10am - 7pm
Sun10am - 7pm
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Food & Drink YES
Entertainment YES
Disabled Access YES
Toilet Facilities YES
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Free Parking NO
Pay Parking YES
Coach Parking NO
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Tallinn Traditional Old Town Christmas Market

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At the Town Hall Square of Tallinn, next to the majestic Town Hall, a Christmas market will be held with a touch of fairy tale where anything is possible!
The heart of action will be the most important Christmas tree in Estonia, surrounded by Christmas cabins/stands.
A Living Christmas land is decorated with trees, Christmas decorations and Christmas lights.
The difficult but exciting work of decorating the Christmas market is done by a really well-known specialist of the trade Shishi.
Merchants will be offering a broad range of handicrafts not found in regular shops. Guests can chat directly to masters and buy Christmas decorations and other handicrafts as original gifts for filling the sack of Santa Claus. Goods that are bought can be gift-wrapped straight away.
Local caterers are offering Estonian Christmas cuisine starting from black blood pudding and sour cabbage to ginger breads and body and soul-warming Christmas drinks.
Christmas carols and a large screen behind the stage will create the mood and display wonderful Christmas visuals.
Little market visitors can fight cold on a chute where they can climb up and down and slide.
City children will have the opportunity to see real animals – bunnies, goats, lambs, ponies and geese whom they can also feed. Pony rides are available as well.
The head dwarf plays different games with children and organizes interesting competitions for them.
Snow sculptures built in front of visitors will be certain eye-catchers, especially after they are beautifully illuminated.
Several different contests will provide action, including the selection of the most beautiful ginger bread, contest of the nicest homemade Christmas decoration, tree decorating contest with the prize of a tree decorated with Shishi’s decorations, Christmas poem contest and other Christmas activities.
Hearts are warmed by a diverse Christmas program on every weekend and holidays throughout Christmas time.
Christmas dwarfs are helping everywhere.
But the real gem of the Christmas market will be Santa Claus seeing children in his own house.
Santa’s house is decorated like a real Christmas fairy tale!
Upon entering, every child will believe that in a place exactly like this Christmas dwarfs are dwelling!
Each child can tell their gift wishes to Santa that will probably be fulfilled too.
Every child will get sweets from Santa.
On the terrace there is a Santa’s post office postbox where letters to Santa can be left. On 26th of December different gifts will be drawn between all letters.
And surprise, surprise – Santa has arrived with reindeers – a mother and two sons who were born this year and have grown splendid horns!
The reindeer family is naturally near Santa’s house where children lining up can feed them with moss and caress their noses.
A day at the Christmas market will feel like a magic Christmas fairy tale!

Tallinn Christmas Market 2013 at Tallin TownHall Square

Dates: 23rd Nov 2013 – 8. Jan 2014          Open every day 10:00 – 19:00

Hot Christmas drinks till 23:00

Christmas program
On Fridays 17:00 – 19:00
On Saturdays and Sundays 12:00 – 14:00

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