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Christmas markets in Estonia


Tallinn’s Medieval Old Town takes on an especially magical quality this time of the year – a fresh powdering of snow covers its gabled rooftops and outdoor candles fill its cobblestone lanes with a flickering glow. Though the nights may be dark, winter is when you’ll find Tallinn at its most enchanting.Tallinn is also the home of the world’s first Christmas tree. This tree was erected on Tallinn’s Town Hall Square and was the focal point of a ritual, that began in 1441, and involved unmarried merchants singing and dancing with local girls around a tree, which was then burnt. The tree was the first public Christmas tree ever put on display in Europe by the Brotherhood of Black Heads guild. The tradition has now been revived.

From shopping at the charming, old-fashioned Christmas Market, which is fast becoming one of Europe’s favourite Christmas Markets, to skating on Old Town’s outdoor ice rink to enjoying a cup of hot, spiced wine in a cosy café, every day brings new delights. And the city is further brightened up by a full schedule of classical concerts, jazz events, film screenings and other engaging activities.

Come and experience this season of magic yourself.

Please note the information, and dates of the Estonian Christmas Markets, are subject to change.

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Christmas Markets

Tallinn Traditional Old Town Christmas Market

Look forward to seasonal joy as the Tallinn Christmas Market, with its Old World charm, hits town. This holiday season, as always, the market is bound to get the city into festive mood.

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