Location: Luxembourg

Christmas markets in Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg and Luxembourg City Tourist Office show “Winterlights,” the festival of lights and animation that plunges the heart of the ancient city of Luxembourg in a magical, wonderful and romantic with its Christmas markets, entertainment of street, exhibitions, shows and concerts. To highlight the festive atmosphere at the end of the year, Luxembourg’s capital has been decorated with Christmas lights: more than 1,600m of lights with thousands of light bulbs now decorate the street lights, tree-lined streets and squares in the city.

Luxembourg’s multicultural markets boast a relaxed and European flavour, for example Stollen from Saxony and French Christmas log are all on sale side by side! Christmas carols in the Luxembourgish language (‘An der grousser Hellger Nuecht’) will mix in with ‘Stille Nacht’ in German, ‘White Christmas’ in English and ‘Noël, Noël’.

The mixture of languages and spoken highlights defines the cosmopolitan nature of Luxembourg, a haven of human peace. Old and young alike will be delighted by the range of products on sale – handcrafted candles, heart-shaped gingerbread, toys, various Christmas tree decorations, greetings cards, CDs of Luxembourg Christmas carols and many charming gift ideas. And of course you can also try the tasty dishes and mulled wine (‘Glühwein’) which are on offer.

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