Over the past 10 years, despite some interesting and challenging economic periods, Christmasmarkets.com has witnessed and helped shape a massive growth in Christmas markets located in both towns and cities and also at stately homes and other visitor attractions. Some have adopted a German or French theme and others have kept their themes distinctly British, and we are seeing an emergence of unique themes specific to towns and cities all over the world.

This growth and popularity of relatively ‘authentic’ Christmas Markets, serving quality hot food and beverages, together with a balance of products made locally and abroad, is good news both for the Christmas Markets sector and also for the towns and cities that host markets.

These markets contribute to the Winter economy in many ways, including being an important generator of retail sales at a time of year when some towns might expect to see a loss in visitors and trade to out-of-town retail parks, Christmas Markets also generally improve the night-time economy.

A well-presented and well-managed Christmas market also helps spend in the host town or city as a whole, as well as providing a focal point for community cohesion, bringing family groups or work colleagues together, outlets for local production and crafts and opportunities for local entrepreneurs

It is clear that Christmas markets are here to stay and helping historic towns and cities become regional destinations over the whole Winter period. What is also clear is that over the last 10 years, we have undoubtedly helped many of these markets be on the radar of the average visitor through the extra exposure these markets have had on www.ChristmasMarkets.com.

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