Privacy Policy

In relation to the website: (‘the Site’).

The contents of our privacy policy are as below:

  1. Your right to privacy and your use of this website
  2. Your personal information
  3. How we may use your information
  4. Security and the use of your data
  5. The privacy rights of children
  6. Making changes to your information
  7. How you can get in touch with us

Your right to privacy and your use of this website

We are always concerned about your privacy, and we do all we can to make sure it is not infringed in any way. If you choose to share any personal information with us, you can rest assured that it will never be distributed or made available to anyone else. We would advise you to read through the remainder of this privacy policy, so that you can better understand how your right to privacy is handled on this site.

Your personal information

You may find that every now and then you may be asked to enter personal information of some kind to get access to another part of our website. If this happens the only information you need to share is what is required, and nothing more. Furthermore the information will remain private and will not be passed on to any other person or company. This applies to every single user of this website.

How we may use your information

Your security is our utmost concern. As such we take all necessary steps to ensure that your information is always secure and not placed in any danger at all. If you decide to share any piece of your personal information with us, including your email address, we shall not make use of that information without asking for your permission in the first place. If you choose to be included on our mailing list to receive emails, you can of course opt to be removed from that list at any point in the future.

Security and the use of your data

We take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to protecting any and all personal data that people entrust us with. As such we have the best software items and programs and the best systems in place. These are all checked on a regular basis to ensure that they are secure and do not place any personal information in jeopardy in any way, whether by hackers or any other method.

The privacy rights of children

We have designed this website to be intended for adults only. We do not offer any information or services for children in any way, and we do not and have not taken the details of any children at any time, nor would we ever do so in the future.

Making changes to your information

As the owners of this site we are aware that you may have to change some or all the details you hold with us at any point. If you should find this is the case, you can email us or phone us directly. We would also remind you that if you should get log in information for our website or any part of it either now or in the future, these should be for your eyes only, and not distributed or made known to anyone else. You should also be sure not to write anything down, because this can compromise the security of your account.

How you can get in touch with us

You can contact us at any time, no matter whether you have a question, a word or praise or an issue with using the site. Any problem you have will be solved to the best of our ability, and all you need to do is either ring us or send an email.